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Alyssa Black

The Sleep of Reason - Mind Tales

14th - 26th January


Alyssa's body of work The Sleep Of Reason which constitutes the majority of the work tackles the theme of mental illness from the subjective perspective of a long-time sufferer of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder and a serious eating disorder, topics rarely explored in art before and little discussed anywhere outside psychiatric circles.  For this particular exhibition, the artist has focused on what she terms her ‘Mind Tales’: the Tales, her OCD tell stories about self.


Through detailed, richly coloured oil paintings that combine realism with delusion and which utilise her training as an artist and art-historian to draw on historical visual-cultural tropes that help in elaborating the narratives. For this exhibition the artist has utilised Biblical, mythological, nursery-rhyme, and other symbolism to extrapolate ‘Mind Tales’. Aiming to give insight into her diagnoses and into psychiatric disability more generally in a way that utilises her own experiences to speak more broadly, hoping to enable identification among sufferers and education amongst viewers, whether from the medical/psychological community or lay society.


This work, and indeed her entire practice, is based on the belief that there are many things about our experiences that cannot be said in words, but can be imaged, and that giving voices to the horror of mental illness from sufferers’ perspectives will aid in developing a greater empathy and hopefully better treatment for patients.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 18th January 3-5pm



21st January - 2nd February


An amazing exhibition by a local emerging photographic artist – Andonia Margaritis. Now more than ever, capturing the beauty of nature is everchanging. She graces us with aspects of her divine beauty and she bestows divine love upon those who see Her. This collection is a celebration of Nature's moments. 

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 25th january 4-6pm