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David Robert Hill

A Collection of Works

David is a well established painter who lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, where he has been part of the creative community since 1980.

Known for his celebratory use of colour and variety of subject matter, he is represented in private and corporate collections throughout Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and the U.S.A.

His recently published book The Painter's Art is a philosophical adventure in the art of oil painting. The book features over one hundred paintings showing various phases of development and includes the works and thoughts of several Blue Mountains artisits. The book also introdices Conceptualism and Metaphysical stave verse.

His previous art book Gallimaufry was published in 2004.

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Kathryn Gallagher

A Collective of Paintings

Sydney based artist Kathryn Gallagher revisits her Hollywood collection with a return exhibition at ONE88. An extraordinary collection of paintings.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 4th July 2-4pm


Saturday 4th July 4-6pm

RSVP required to attend celebration

please email one88 - info@galleryone88finearts.com



Stephenie Lisa and Abi Peralta

Dreamscapes II

6th - 17th August

This originally crafted collection is inspired by the Australian landscape from the vast expanses of coastline and rock pools to the often raw and powerful bush land and rainforests.

The artists capture the beauty and mystery of our land and ocean and the reflections and awe inspiring textures of both.

Stephanie’s inspirations are drawn from the fresh, crisp waterways of Australia, and the way the oceans and seashores have their way of both invigorating and soothing the human spirit. Using acrylic paint, resin, pigments, inks and gold leaf, Stephanie’s collection encapsulates the spirit and beauty of Australian coasts and waterways.

Peralta’s work echoes the power and mystery within the bushland, rainforest and vast skies in the Australian landscape. Inspired endlessly by the humbling nature of the powerful Blue Mountains national park, Abi offers to her audience the experience of being curious to look deeper into organic shapes and forms whilst also inducing reflection in a similar way that communion with the natural world offers.

Abi and Stephanie stir up your favourite memories of the beach, filling your senses with the soothing sounds of waves, the warmth of the sun and the salty air by the sea.

Additionally, through their work they encourage the audience to look deeper into the organic beauty of unique textures and colour palettes by emulating the natural world.

This collection is both a celebration of the beauty of our natural and diverse world, and also an invitation to commune deeper with the landscape, the land and the sea.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 8th August 2-4pm


Saturday 4th august 4-6pm

RSVP required to attend celebration

please email one88 - info@galleryone88finearts.com