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Stephanie lisa & Abigail Peralta


24th March - 5th April

This originally crafted collection is inspired by the Australian landscape from the vast expanses of coastline and rock pools to the often raw and powerful bush land and rainforests.

The artists capture the beauty and mystery of our land and ocean and the reflections and awe inspiring textures of both. 


Stephanie’s inspirations are drawn from the fresh, crisp waterways of Australia, and the way the oceans and seashores have their way of both invigorating and soothing the human spirit.  Using acrylic paint, resin, pigments, inks and gold leaf, Stephanie’s collection encapsulates the spirit and beauty of Australian coasts and waterways. 


Peralta’s work echoes the power and mystery within the bushland, rainforest and vast skies in the Australian landscape. Inspired endlessly by the humbling nature of the powerful Blue Mountains national park, Abi offers to her audience the experience of being curious to look deeper into organic shapes and forms whilst also inducing reflection in a similar way that communion with the natural world offers. 


Abi and Stephanie stir up your favourite memories of the beach, filling your senses with the soothing sounds of waves, the warmth of the sun and the salty air by the sea.

Additionally, through their work they encourage the audience to look deeper into the organic beauty of unique textures and colour palettes by emulating the natural world. 

This collection is both a celebration of the beauty of our natural and diverse world, and also an invitation to commune deeper with the landscape, the land and the sea.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 4th April 2 - 4 pm

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Govetts is Back2z Peter Hickey.jpg


Photographic Exhibition

Fund Raiser for the BMTNS RFS

24th March - 5th April

In response to the devastating fires this community event is designed to be an expression of thanks and an opportunity for local artists/photographers to demonstrate their support for the amazing effort and sacrifices made by the firefighters and volunteers. 


The theme of the exhibition is Regeneration and will emphasise the recovery and regeneration of the natural environment and the spirit of the local population. We envisage that the images and works will reflect a positive message of re-growth both in nature and be a metaphor of the recovery process for local residents who were directly affected.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 28th March 4-6pm

with guest speaker Susan Templeman MP

Govett's Rebirth  |  PETER HICKEY

Heather Dunn Near Python Pool.jpeg

Heather Dunn

Short Stories

7th - 19th April

Heather Dunn is a textile artist based in the Central West.  Heather and her husband divide their time between Bathurst and O’Connell, where they have a small farm.

She works primarily in textiles; weaving tapestries, stitching, dyeing and printmaking on cloth and paper and drawing.  She has been known to splash a bit of paint around, but the results rarely see the light of day.

This is Heather’s fifth solo exhibition, but it’s the first one where she has just exhibited woven tapestries.

The tapestries in this exhibition reflect 15 years of weaving.  During this time, Heather has developed her style and started to find her voice in a medium that has loads of potential but is not without its technical constraints.

Heather tends to work in series, giving rise to stories that she will explore until she finds they have said enough.  However, that doesn’t stop her from re-visiting the story when it calls out again for attention.

Heather hopes you enjoy this exhibition of tapestries as much as she has enjoyed weaving them.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 11th April 4-6pm