Upcoming  &  Current Exhibitions

Gorge(ou)s, Gaps and Chasms

Joe Cartwright, John Rice and 

Don Talintyre

3rd - 15th December


In June 2019, three keen landscape artists and friends, Joe Cartwright, John Rice and Don Talintyre, travelled out to Alice Springs for a week to paint the beautiful Central Australian landscape. Joe took his watercolours, John his oils and Don took guache.


In this exhibition of around 30 works you will see the artists varying interpretations, through their chosen medium, of inspirational subjects from the East and West Mac Donnell Ranges: Simpsons Gap, Ormiston Gorge, Standley Chasm, Jessie Gap, Honeymoon Gap and the surrounding desert landscape.


Many of the paintings in this exhibition are the original “plein air” works whilst others were developed later in the studio from studies completed on location.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 7th December 4-6pm

Dons painting 2_edited.jpg


Matthew Weatherstone

3rd - 15th Dec


Matthew, an artist who is endlessly fascinated by the experience and understanding of light, colour and darkness, by the drama and subtlety in shifts of tone and hue.

His new body of work to be exhibited at ONE88 Resonates with the landscape and in turn with the emotions within the viewer. A beautiful exhibition not to be missed.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 7th December 4-6pm

Matthew Weatherstone - resonance, oil on
Clouds and Mist ovewr the Grose Valley 2

Jewels of the Earth

Penelope Oates &

Mellissa Read-Divine

17th - 29th December


Artist Statement - Our exhibition is a celebration of our appreciation and connection to the landscape which has continued to provide both of us with a steady source of inspiration for our respective practices. For both Mellissa and myself particular natural forms in the landscape hold special meanings for each of us and can act as both psychological or spiritual markers-trees, rocks or particular animals become such focal points or ‘jewels of the earth’.

We hope the viewer will be taken on a visual journey through aspects of the landscape with contrasting expressions of colour, form and light.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 21st December 3-5pm

Fragile Nature

Cecilia Yeomans

31st December - 5th January


Artist Statement 

My concern and main subject matter is the fragility of nature and the environment.

I believe there is a greater spiritual aspect to nature that we need to acknowledge, appreciate and respect.

The skeletal beauty of trees in the mountains against the drama of stormy skies and the close observation of a humble mushroom or gum leaves, are my invitation to this magical perception.

Exhibition Celebration

Saturday 4th january 3-5pm