DOB: c.1942
Born: Boundary Bore, Utopia, NT

Gloria Petyarre, sometimes referred to as Gloria Pitjara, is arguably the most famous and significant of all female Australian Aboriginal Artists living and working today. She is internationally acclaimed for her 'Bush Medicine Leaf' paintings.


In 1999 Gloria Petyarre became the first Indigenous Australian artist ever to win a major art prize at the Gallery of New South Wales, in the annual 'Wynne Prize for Landscape' at the New South Wales Gallery.

The leaves in the winning painting, based on those of the Kurrajong tree which is used for bush medicine, were meticulously painted and yet their apparent freedom of movement gave a lightness and looseness to the creation. So much did this artwork fascinate the essentially nature-loving people of this country, that it was to become one of the most popular styles in Aboriginal art, and in fact became a style that brought many a devotee to the genre because of its resonance with the viewer.