Kristiine Ballard


A Sydney based Artist Kristine is a fauvest at heart, Kristine’s wild colour and strong movement are her signature strokes. A contemporary painter and art facilitator, Kristine endeavours to bring the vibrancy of life to her work and artistic instruction, as a practicing artist, creator and educator.

"The quest for creative flow was the inspiration for this new body of work. Looking to the past

I revisited locations where other artist’s claim to have experienced ‘flow’. From Lloyd Rees South Coast hills, to Edward Hopper’s New York countryside and the cosmopolitan colour

of Picasso’s Barcelona, I went searching for the triggers that sparked many a great masterpiece, especially those made when their creators were in their own state of ‘flow’.


Applying these discoveries of self expressed discipline to my own style of painting Fragmatism, my mission was to evolve my art practice both mentally and visually."