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Late nights at PigeonLane@ONE88


The Meal
Victor Peralta is both a celebrated artist and the executive cook when it comes to our events. Victor curates a dining experience like no other, featuring two majestic and generous courses. Each event menu is put together to suit the performance set for the evening and delivered to your table by alternate drop - one option for you and the other option for your dining partner.

Dessert, tea, and coffee will also be available to purchase on the night if it is not included on the night.

The Experience

Whilst some venues see COVID-19 restrictions as a challenge, Pigeon Lane @ GalleryONE88 see this as an opportunity to create a truly VIP experience. No need to grab a meal on the way to the show - Pigeon Lane will be serving up something tasty and giving you time to savour every bite. Tickets will be sold in tables, meaning you can either have a romantic table for two, or invite a couple of friends along and make your table a par-tay (and with easing restrictions, we will even be able to offer some single tickets - yay!). And just like every VIP show - it's exclusive . . . restrictions might be easing but the room isn't getting any bigger. These shows are small intimate offerings where you can have a one-of-a-kind experience and almost reach out and touch world-class musicians (well, not quite . . . it's still COVID )

The Events - Want to See What's On?


Example Menu of one of our Events

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