Mitjili is an established artist from the Haasts Bluff region, an area 200km west of Alice Springs. Her half brother, Turkey Tolson, and husband, Long Tom Tjapanangka, are also well known artists.

Mitjili began painting in the early 1990s. While she first followed the Papunya Tula style of painting she soon developed her own, highly recognisable style. This consists of simplified geometric designs in bold, block colours.
Mitjili’s works depict her father’s country, Uwalki, an area to the west of Haasts Bluff. Mitjili was taught the key imagery to depict this country by her mother, who would draw in the sand.

The Dreamings that inform her works relate to creation of spears, very important to men’s ceremonial practice. The works depict Watiya Tjuta, the trees that provide the wood used to create such ceremonial items.
Mitjili’s work has been exhibited throughout Australia and overseas, and is held in many important public and private collections.