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Christopher Vidal is an artist and scientist living in Sydney. His love for arts and science started from a very early age. At the age of six he was showing his interest in drawing and painting and at the age of thirteen he attended the school of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta, Malta. For three years, he studied Arts in the classical way using life objects as reference materials for his drawings/paintings and sculpture. He was inspired by works of arts of the Renaissance and Baroque eras and by artists such as Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci and others. Later, Chris pursued a career as a scientist initially working in various clinical laboratories in chemistry and later he obtained a PhD in molecular genetics. He worked in science and research in both Malta and Australia for twenty-five years. During these years, he

mentored several students. However, his innate love for arts always remained and throughout the years he experimented with various media and techniques. For the last fifteen years, his focus was to develop his technique in oils. He finds oil paints as the best medium to work with, since it is versatile and dynamic and hence you can use them to create endless effects using both brush and painting knife.  His experience taught him the importance to get to know and understand your materials to be able to use them well. This means that one needs to know the various pigments and other materials that are available on the market. Preparing your own surfaces also gives you more control on the materials that you use and to ensure quality to your clients. Traditionally used materials such as oil paints gives you peace of mind about their durability since they have been used for centuries and hence passed the test of time.

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Day 1.                   

10 am – 1 pm

Introduction to the various art materials including:

  • Using oil paints and health concerns: the mis-conceptions.

  • Painting supports Canvases and linens

  • Oil pigments (paints): we will look into detail of the properties of each of the most commonly used paints

  • Oil painting media including various oils and solvents (Turpentine, odourless mineral spirits, walnut oil, linseed oil, stand oil, safflower oil etc)

  • How to prepare your own slow drying media

  • Discuss brushes and palettes suitable for oil painting.

  • Varnishes


Demonstrations of:

  • Canvas stretching on stretchers

  • Canvas board preparation

  • Pre-staining of canvas for painting

  • Varnishing of paintings


1 pm – 1:30 pm     Lunch Break


1:30 – 4:00 pm    Painting Session

During this workshop we will paint a landscape using the indirect method. On day one we will complete the underpainting with first layer of paint.



10 AM – 4 PM  (Lunch at 12:30 - 1 pm).


We will start the day by doing an exercise in colour mixing, by comparing to real objects from life.

We will then proceed and continue the painting that we started the day before and finishing it up.


Who Does This Workshop Suit?

This workshop is suitable for those individuals that already have some experience in painting and/or are interested to develop their technique in using oil paints.


What Materials to bring with you?

The aim of this workshop is to help you understand the importance of using high quality materials especially painting surfaces and paints. All materials are provided by the organiser.  However, if you have your own materials and you want to discuss with the tutor whether you are using the right materials or not, please bring them with you.


You will only need to bring with you a notebook to write additional notes. Printed notes will also be provided.


All media used for painting during this workshop are safe and non-toxic.

Some paints might be toxic such as cadmiums, however these does not present any hazard as long as they are in the form of paint (and not powdered pigment that can be inhaled)

Please be aware that Turps are only present in varnishes used during the workshop (unfortunately we cannot eliminate this but their use is minimal)

Facilitator Information

Gallery ONE88 Fine Arts is proud to present its next stage in the growth of its vision, That is – To Provide a Central Hub for Artists to allow their creative spirits to blossom in a friendly environment surround by other Creatives.


So as we prepare our set schedule of classes for 2016, we are also putting out a call for Expressions of Interest for Artists of all manner of genre to apply to hire our workshop room to run their own Teaching experience and impart their knowledge to eager audiences.


Our workshop room is a self-contained area across one level – there is a wash room area, toilet facilities and a storage area. Other available items are chairs, trestle tables, painters easels and donkeys…


Gallery ONE88 will assist you with promoting your classes/learning sessions and host the arrival of your students/attendants.


So what are you waiting for…… contact us now to discuss your next class.